Policies and Procedures

Thanks so much for your interest in using Great Oak Circle for your design needs.  Please familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures.



Every artist has a point of view and design style. Please review our portfolio or chat with past clients before submitting your design work.



All design communication is conducted through email and our project management system, or by phone or skype.   Prompt communication on your end will greatly speed up the design process.



We want you to love your new design, which is why we work extra hard to ensure good communication about your vision and goals.  We don’t have a set number of revisions per type of product, but we do keep track of hours worked on your designs, and that’s where the initial quote comes from.  Excessive design edits (typically drafts 5 and higher, see file names) will be charged an additional hourly fee. We will warn you of this fee the draft before we begin charging.



All web designs by Great Oak Circle must carry a sidebar button or link to remain the entire time your design or a portion of your design is live online.  In some cases, credit must be given for a font or graphic use, and that link must remain also.  All designs are the original work of Great Oak Circle and may not be duplicated. or sold.  In any logo or print design, the customer will retain all rights to the design and all original files for use.



Current, past and future website or blog content, as well as designs are not the responsibility of Great Oak Circle. It is the responsibility of the client to back up and keep these files.



We strive to create designs that are unique and custom for a reasonable price.  We do offer payment options, but please don’t ask us to discount work, it makes us all feel cheap.  Design is expensive because it takes A LOT of time and effort.  Included in a design fee are loads of emails, phone calls and training time.  Prices on this site are subject to change without notice.  Quotes are good for 30 days.  Price is locked in once you have paid 1/2 down of a design invoice.



Payment for design services is accepted through paypal, credit card or check.  You don’t need a paypal account to use this service.  Once you receive a confirmation email from me with an expected wait time, I will invoice you for 1/2 of the final design fee.  This payment must be made before design begins.  Payment in full will be due upon completion of work and BEFORE the final design is installed or final files are sent.  If the design process is stopped by either the client or Great Oak Circle, a portion of the fee may be returned, depending on the amount of work completed. Deducted from the total will be time for any and all email and phone communication, as well as any design work completed. Email and phone communications will be deducted at $35/hour.



Once your design is installed Great Oak Circle will provide 1 hour of support and work on your new site. This offer is good for 30 days from install date. Once 30 days have passed, any design updates or fixes will be charged an hourly rate $70/hour.  Blogger and WordPress are wonderful platforms, but they do allow for you or your employees to edit practically everything, including the code.  Any fixing of these accidental mess-ups will be charged at the hourly rate. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email me before updating or changing things.



These terms are subject to change without notice.  Payment to Great Oak Circle for any design service indicates your acceptance of these terms.

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