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Not sure if you know this or not, but about a year ago (2011) we welcomed Levi into our family.  We are privileged to be his parents, not biologically, but through adoption.  We are convinced through God’s Word that caring for orphans is not a charity case or something for those that can’t have their “own” kids, but something that we as Christians are called to and a picture of what we have been given.  We have been adopted as brothers of Christ (Romans 8), we receive the inheritance as sons of God.  We are all called to care for orphans by adopting them ourselves, helping others adopt, foster care or perhaps feeding, visiting and sponsoring kids currently unavailable for adoption.  Or maybe all 4.  I will withhold the sermon I want to preach and just let you look at the joy that is my life these days.


Soon-to-be parents raise money in a variety of ways, some of which involve my kind of design.I know how expensive adoption is…$$$$$$….. and I want to help.

I want to continue to care for orphans now while we wait to bring our next one home, so I’m offering a few design services to help your family raise money.  The cost to you is minimal, the fundraising possibilities are endless!  This program, like ALL adoption helps, does require that you actually *need* the money. Sounds crazy right. But I never cease to be amazed. If you can afford a full blog design etc, from me, please pay full price, and save this precious help for someone who really needs it.  If I give my time sacrificially to you, not eating out for a month because I’m pricing so low, and I see that you are eating out every night…I’ll be super disappointed. I’m just covering this one in prayer. I hope that you do too.


It’s easy to be considered for this ministry, just send me an email ( with the following information:

1. Brief introduction and family information.

2. Your testimony, how Christ saved you and your spouse.

3. What church you attend and your involvement there.

4. Your current place in the adoption process. Please don’t email me if you haven’t yet been approved by an agency and started your home study paperwork.

5. Your goal for this project (ie, raising $2,000 for a home study, helping toward the $6,000 you owe your agency, etc). And why you need help from me.

6. Which design option interests you.

I know some of that seems pretty personal, but I’m looking for like-minded sisters and brothers in Christ to donate my time to. I want to see children adopted, but also I want them to be cared for by redeemed parents and a strong church family.  If you don’t feel the same about adoption or the Bible as I do, that’s ok, let’s still get along respectfully.


1. Spreadshirt Shop: Custom design that can be uploaded onto tons of products in a free account. You choose products and determine commission off each sale. Everyone can get the style/color tshirt, bag, mug, etc they want, no upfront cost to you. Some items are a few dollars more than you would normally pay for a tshirt, but most people are more than willing for this cause. A nice t-shirt may cost $15, then you put $10-$15 commission on top for a $30 t-shirt.  You don’t ship or deal with any inventory. I do a design and set the shop up for you with 7-10 products.

2. Adoption Shop: Big Cartel shop design allowing you to upload and sell (at a fixed price) items you make or donations. This is perfect for crafty friends, artists, boutique donations, etc.  The cost for you is $10/month for your Big Cartel account. You would probably spend a few months collecting donations, then open the shop for a couple of months.  Or maybe you are super successful and can afford $10/month out of proceeds to keep it going long-term. Items are shipped by you or by the person donating (they also donate shipping costs).

3. Adoption Auction Site: Free auction-style site design.  You collect items from friends, family, businesses (online and local), and upload to your wordpress blog. One item with pictures and description goes in each post, along with a starting bid (maybe a few dollars lower than value).  Visitors comment on each post with a bid. At the end of auction (2 weeks maybe), you send out paypal invoices to winners and items are shipped by donator (they also donate shipping costs). I recommend a facebook event to get the word out on this one. Just keep the website a secret until the auction is live.

4. Print Design: A custom designed flyer, invitation or postcard to promote your event or raise awareness. This would be beneficial if you were doing a fund-raising brunch, art show, etc, or if you wanted to send out a letter asking for donations.

5. Blog Design: Free design for you to blog your journey and raise awareness.  Includes header design, background, and sidebar buttons. You can add a paypal donation button or links to other fundraisers you are involved in (selling coffee etc for adoption).


Have another idea that uses your specific circle of friends or talents? Just let me know!


I began this ministry committing to one design per month, but God has called so many to bring children home, it’s hard to pick just one family!!  So I will take whatever I can, as I can. Typically I can finish a design in 2-4 weeks.  If I’m slammed, I’ll let you know.


I want to help you, but I want you to respect my time and work also. Please be motivated before you email me. Have a goal, have a vision, be in the adoption process already, respond quickly to my emails, and have time set aside to launch your fundraiser.  Thanks so much friends:)


Typically a client design involves several steps, conversations, mood boards, and edits.  These designs are a little different.  After we choose a design option, you will have the opportunity to submit colors, motifs, links, verses, quotes and fonts that reflect your style and design desires. I will rely heavily on this and create one design,  making only minor edits (like changing a verse or an image).  If you like the work you see throughout this site, then you won’t be disappointed:) If you want to make lots of edits, or are super picky, please see more options below.


If all this sounds fab, but you really need a few more designs, or you want to see edits, or maybe this fund-raising thing is going to become a real business,  then I would love to offer any of my normal services at a 30% discount. You still have to meet all of the qualifications above, and it has to be directly related to your adoption expenses. :)


Whew, this is a hard one friends. In the beginning, I did everything for free. Fortunately, this program and adoption have become super popular, so charging a little helps keep my family fed and is still only a minor investment compared to full retail pricing here or with any other graphic designer.  I can do any of the above designs, or something comparable for $40. If I’m not booked up, the designs will still be FREE!  If you’re looking for more or less, let’s talk.  My prayer {and promise} is that God will bless this fundraising, leaving you…free to adopt…and not held down by the overwhelming financial burden.


And one more thing, can I recommend Dr Moore’s book, Adopted for Life.  No matter how you feel about the whole adoption thing, or where you feel you land personally, if you believe in Christ, I urge you to spend some time with this sweet book.

In Christ,




  1. alice 4 years ago

    Awesome! Love this! Expect our application in a few months. :)

    • Christine 4 years ago

      That makes me so happy! I can’t wait!!!!!

  2. Angi Cooper 3 years ago

    Hi new friend! Just looking through Pintrest (for the first time) and found your site. I just wanted to say (as an adoptive Momma myself- from Ethiopia 5 months ago) that seeing what you are doing for adoptive families warms my heart. We like you agree that God calls all belivers to care for HIS children. We feel blessed that HE has allowed us to parent our sweet daughter. My husband and I want to adopt again and were just talking tonight about how dificult it would be considering adoption costs- thank you for helping parents bridge the gap between themselves and their children. Hugs, Angi

    • Author
      Christine 3 years ago

      Hey Angi!
      Thank you so so much! Please keep me posted on your next adoption! I would love to help with that.
      Have a wonderful day, many blessings

  3. Erin 3 years ago

    I have many friends who are in various stages of adoption, and I think your Design 4 Good ideas are wonderful. I shared a link to this post on FB. :)

    • Christine 3 years ago

      Thanks so much Erin! That means so much to me!
      Have a great day

  4. Ann Simmons 3 years ago

    I just want to say Bless your heart. I adopted an at risk little girl 25 years ago to add to our family of two little boys. She is now a beautiful independent young woman. I’ve often thought that I’d like to do it again but we are grandparent age now so we informally adopt children to be our grandkids. Keep up the good work God has inspired in you!!

  5. Jenni 3 years ago

    How wonderful! I am so excited to hear of your adoption and to see how you are helping others. Dr Moore’s book touched my life as well, and my blog (and life purpose!) is all about fostering. I can’t wait to read all about Christine and your business! =)

  6. Rachel 3 years ago

    Hi! Just found your site today, but wanted to tell you that my heart is warmed by what you are doing to help God’s children get home to their forever families. We have 3 bio boys and 2 girls adopted from Cambodia & Thailand home 8yrs & 6yrs now, Not sure where the time went but I just wanted to tell you good job! & keep it up.

    • Author
      Christine-GreatOakCircle 3 years ago

      Thanks so much Rachel:) Cambodia and Thailand…amazing…I love adoption!:)

  7. Alexa Joy 3 years ago

    This is AMAZING Christine! I will be keeping your info for when the day comes for me to finally start this process, after God has blessed me with a wonderful husband too, of course ;) You’re doing great things!

  8. Dana Reed 3 years ago

    I came across your website from pinterest about making makeup but was thrilled to read about your adoption. I love that you are offering to help out adoptive parents! I have three bio kids and two adopted kids. (one from China and one from Africa) We joke that we are the Brangelina of our town! I’m anxious to try the book that you have recommended. I’ve been a parent for 24 years now but each new kid brings new joys and challenges so I’ve gotta keep up!

  9. Yvonne 3 years ago

    I have been reading your blog and I was wondering how you decided adoption was right for you. My husband and I are looking into fostering with the intent to adopt. Any advice o tips?

    • Author
      Christine-GreatOakCircle 3 years ago

      Hey Yvonne! First, I’m so excited that you are considering care of children in this way! We looked into foster care, but were counseled this way…”if you want to add to your family, you should adopt.” I come from a church that’s so supportive and involved in foster care, and I’ve seen loads of kids go permanently into these homes, but it’s hard, and if God is leading you to “add,” then I would adopt first. Or pray that He gives you the heart to keep an open hand with the kids that are fostered in your home.

      As for how we decided…
      It was actually a really black and white thing for us. The Bible calls us to care for orphans (lots of verse references for this). Now, as I said above, I know everyone isn’t in the place to adopt…but we are of the child-rearing age, and God is faithful to proved the funds. So we obeyed. I’m thankful that this command to the church is so clear, I have enough other life details to work out;)

      My other advice, open your hands and pray for the life God would have you care for through adoption. Don’t squeeze tight on any country or birth mom or child. The process can be draining and frustrating, not to mention very costly. But, I have learned much about resting in the Lord and patience in His timing. I have also better learned His great love for me, as I have been adopted into His kingdom.

      Feel free to email me directly if you want to chat more about our specific process and how God gave us Levi.


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