DIY Resin Cameo Necklace

DIY Cameo Necklace…yes please!

You will love making and wearing this funness!

I actually have 100 things to say about making this project, but I will save those for the end.

What you should focus on now is the brilliant finished product.

I am so totally in love with it. And PS, I will be totally in style while I strut my stuff .

Because I do make a habit of strutting my stuff pretty much all the time.


You need ICE Resin (wouldn’t it be cool if I hadn’t cut off the package name in the photo)

Round bezels, these are 17mm (buy them here)

2 images from the Graphics Fairy that I combined.

The origionals are here and here if you are savvy and want to make your own colors.

Otherwise you have 2 options.  As seen below.

But wait, you don’t have to download and size it, just download and open this word doc and print it on card stock.

Aren’t they lovely.

Once you print the document just trim a little around the leafy outside border.

I made this for a 17mm item.

I am an awful scissor user, part of this is because I use the same scissors for everything…

paper, fabric, opening boxes, cutting my bangs…my family can attest to this.

So anyway my circle was a bit janky. It doesn’t matter.

I used a mechanical pencil to press it into the bezel.  It will be a little big and run up on the side, can you see that in the right photo?

That’s correct, so just make sure you get it centered pretty well.

Now let’s enter dreamland where I have step by step instructions of the next part…

Mix the components of the ICE Resin together and follow package instructions for preparation.

Using a craft stick, tooth pick type thing, add the resin to the bezel.

Please go slowly, it comes out like a freight train if you aren’t careful.

It will self-dome, which is amazing.

Let dry overnight.

Aren’t they sweet?

I love the pink, but I had a really difficult time photographing it.



1. The graphic situation: this is made for a 17mm item.  The bezels come in loads of sizes.  If yours is a different size then download the large picture and insert it into a word document. Right click and format the photo, click on size and set the size to a little bigger that the bezel.  If you need a mm to cm conversion chart, here one is. Then print it out on card stock.


2. See how my bezel has a large ring that makes it lay not so perfectly flat on the table? You need to put something under the other end to level it or your resin will by loppy.

3. Don’t touch it too soon, you will fingerprint it…I don’t..uh…know this from experience…someone told me.

4. The package I bought was $11 and contained only ONE application, you can’t save or reuse this stuff and you have to mix at least 1 oz for it to work.  So online they have bigger jars that are probably a better deal. Or, make a bunch of stuff at once.  There are several ideas on the site here.


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  1. abby 5 years ago

    Love your cameo necklace!! I want to make one soon.

  2. I love, love, LOVE this idea! It’s beautiful!

    You mention possibly making several at once with the resin; how many do you think this size package could conceivably make?

    Did you get your ice resin at Hooby Lobby? I don’t have a Hobby Lobby here, but I do have Michael’s and Joann’s, and they have coupons all the time, so I am wondering if I could get these there for less and use them to make Christmas gifts (I have 4 daughters, plus I would make some for me).

    Can you get the bezels in bigger sizes as well?

    There is a project very similar to this that I have been wanting to make, but I didn’t know how to do it, and now I do! And I love yours, too (I am a huge fan of silhouettes), so now I will have to make both!


  3. Christine 5 years ago

    Hey! Thanks so much! I did get all my supplies at Hobby Lobby, I went to Michaels to try to find a bigger size, but they didn’t sell ICE Resin or anything like it. I think you may be able to buy it online at Hobby Lobby or ice resin’s site.

    There were different sizes of bezels, most of them were 1″squares in different finishes, you can order those at Hobby Lobby too. I bet I could have made 10-15 with this amount of resin.

    If you need help with the graphic or anything just let me know. I would love to see a finished picture!!

  4. Thank you Christine! I’ll check out Hobby Lobby’s online site. If you could make 10-15 with that amount then it would significantly cut the cost of these, making these a very frugal gift.

    Did you get the bronze-colored cording at Hobby Lobby as well?

  5. Christine 5 years ago

    Yes, super frugal! Just a couple of dollars each! I used a copper chain, yes it’s from HL as well, but I had to remove some of it to make it work, the copper bezel has a super small ring to attach to. I had a ribbon I wanted to use, but the clasp was too big, so just make sure to measure. I wonder if you could keep your eyes out for nice chains at yard sales this year…

    I think this is the one I got, it is a fair quality one.

  6. Laurie 5 years ago

    Cool!! I’m going to feature this on Tip Junkie homemade gift guide because it rocks!

    Tip Junkie

  7. Cindi 5 years ago

    Those are so pretty! I’ve always wonder how those pendants were made.

    This project will go into my “handmade Christmas projects” journal.

    I like it!!!!

  8. i am pretty sure you are the queen of coming up with cute stuff!!

  9. cristie 5 years ago

    What a beautiful necklace. Can’t wait to try making one!

  10. Jane 5 years ago

    Awesome tutorial. Thanks for all the tips at the end.

  11. Audrey Pettit 5 years ago

    My gosh, Christine, you are just tooooooooo cool! You never cease to amaze me with your creative projects. Now jewelry?? And man, oh man….not just any jewelry. These are gorgeous! I SO want one! :)

  12. HEATHER 5 years ago

    LOVE! I had seen those bezels at Hobby Lobby and thought they would make for a fun project….but wasn’t sure what to do with it. Thanks for doing the leg work for me :)

  13. Devonay 5 years ago

    What a cool project! I am so going to make these. I’m not very computer savvy, but I think there are many possibilities for these. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Christine 5 years ago

    how adorable. I have been meaning to try the resin….I hope that you will link this with my Show and Share linky party, going on all week.

  15. Marissa 5 years ago

    Love this idea! I can never find cameos that I like, I guess I just need to make my own. Thanks :)

  16. kara 5 years ago

    way cool! love this idea!! thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Tania 5 years ago

    hi Christine, thanks so much for visiting my blog and your kind words! I love your blog and great ideas!

  18. Marie 5 years ago

    Love your necklace – great idea too.TFS.
    XO Marie

  19. Junque Magnet 5 years ago

    These look terrific. Love the copper findings. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Jamie 5 years ago

    Those are beautiful. I’m your newest follower. I would love it if you linked your project up to my link party.
    More The Merrier Monday.

  21. Tessa 5 years ago

    I wonder, could you do this with a photograph?

  22. Sophie 3 years ago

    I love cameo necklaces,i’ve made a few myself .

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