connect with me.

thanks for your genuine interest in partnering with me. i know your brand is your baby, and finding the right fit to care for it is important. real quick. before you click that connect button, i want to share what you can expect from me if we work together.

  • i have the best backup singers ever! my team is rich with talent and i promise we will meet, text, brainstorm, sketch + design your project to awesomeville.
  • i promise that freebies + fun worksheets will have you feeling more pleasure + less overwhelm.
  • i promise to make it work. like actually code it correctly + tell your story in a way that connects.
  • i promise to respond to your emails + respect your time and money.
  • i promise to be fully invested in your brand.

please know that working with me is ideal for business owners who:

  • want to jump in + do the work to make their online home completely off the wall amazing.
  • respect time. theirs + mine. because we love a timeline. no but seriously.
  • desire a brand that levels up from current, coming arms wide open for advice + direction.
  • like or LOVE the work they see in my portfolio + out in the wild. because this is my style. and their site will be wearing it too.
  • are professional + therefore believe in hiring professionals.

and i’m not for you if:

  • you’re unfamiliar with my style or want me to change it.
  • you think it’s cool to be snarky or mean. or you love to create drama. just sayin.
  • you have schedule that prevents rapid communication when deadlines are important.
  • you don’t know what you want. or you do. or you don’t. or you do.**actually i take that back. it’s ok if you don’t know, as long as you are ready to trust the process + do the work to find out.**





we write a monthly swoon-fest + send it to your email. handy, right?!

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  • work-life balance {recipes/DIY}

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