Free Printable: Paper Bag Topper


Homemade Christmas treats are my favorite, and I'm always on the hunt for thrifty and cute too? Wanna make this? Add treats to your standard paper bag, then fold over two times. Cut and wrap a length of ribbon with ends at the top of the bag and staple once.  Print and trim the topper (inside the gray lines) and attach with two staples.  You could also just use the topper and attach a bit of ribbon with a hole punch. Hope you enjoy:) Happy Baking! ~ Open the pdf for printing or saving HERE. Or, feel free to use the image below if you want. … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Adoption Printable


Hey friends! It's almost Mother's Day! Man how time flies doesn't it! Last Mother's Day we were in the NICU with our brand new baby...he made me a footprint flower...the nurse said he worked very diligently on it:) Do you have a special way to honor mom?   You could always send her your footprint...OR you could donate to a really awesome adoption fund and give her this free printable. You can click on the picture to make it super big and right-click to save to to your computer. It was made to print in a 5x7 size. Don't know where to donate? You can start at Show Hope or some of our friends are adopting and you can support them here. … [Read more...]

Brown paper bag Christmas printable


For all those awkwardly-shaped gifts that will need wrapping very soon, here is a nice brown paper bag printable. It's super easy, just download the image by clicking it below to open in a new window, then right-click and save it on your computer, set your printer paper size to 5.25" by 10.75", and load up your printer with a paper bag (feet first).  The image will print upside down so you can feed the feet through first, because feeding that frayed top through is practically impossible. And I like to print on the side without the vertical seem as shown above.  You may have to hand-feed each one while talking nicely to your printer:) I … [Read more...]