• Blog Design: 16 Balls in the Air

    Hi good morning! Hope this Saturday finds you well friends! I have a new design to share at 16 Balls in the Air.  I really enjoyed collaborating with these 2 ladies for their blog that describes the hilarity of being a mom to 4 boys…EACH!!  As a mom to 1 boy, I sometimes feel overwhelmed…imagine 3 more…glory glory, I need some chocolate! I

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  • Etsy store header design: Glori Art

    Hey everyone! I have a new Etsy banner and shop to share with you for your fun Friday browsing! Brooke paints real good:) and I jumped at the chance to design something modern and colorful to match her artwork. I chose colors from some favorite pieces and incorporated them into a shop design that’s bright and fun, while maintaing a

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  • New Logo & Blog Design: Events Uncorked

    Happy new design FRIDAY!  Take a break from the heat today and browse a fun blog that’s loaded up with inspiration! Sarah is a Tallahassee-based event planner and you will totally love her eye for style. I especially love her centerpieces and party ideas. So what did she order from Great Oak Circle? So glad you asked! She created her

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  • Business card design for Altard

    Hey friends! Hope your weekend was awesome! Mine was filled with family time, pool time and dinners on the grill. I love summer. I also love my new friends over at Altard, they are just the sweetest! I made this giant business card for them recently, isn’t it fun?!? They already have a logo, which I also love.  (I love

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  • New logo designs

    Happy almost Friday!  Aren’t Friday’s wonderful?!?! I’m headed to the Farmer’s Market again tomorrow. I am SO excited! One of my super cute design clients is selling there this weekend. I plan to take loads of pictures, and of course gawk loudly at their wonderful logo and business cards, and postcards…oh and cupcakes of course. Shameless self promotion. ~ In

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  • Blog design: B-Handmade

    Happy Friday! I think Friday is the perfect day to introduce a new blog design, don’t you?  It’s a special treat for your coffee break at work or a few minutes of inspiration for your weekend projects. I designed an Etsy store header for b-handmade recently, and I just finished up her new blog design!  She loves the neutral colors

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  • Blog Design: Running Peanut

    Hey friends!  I would love to have a  post ready for some yummy food or cool craft, but to be honest I have been swamped with design projects! I’m not complaining…I’m just saying…so if you want to keep up with me day to day I’m always around on facebook, twitter and instagram, which all feed onto my blog page. So

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  • Business Card Design: Peas in a Blog

    Business card design for small businesses and bloggers.

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  • Blog design: Brittany on mission

    Hi friends! I’m excited to share a new design with you today!  Brittany is a dear friend who will be spending her summer in another country to spread the Gospel. I am so pumped!!! I must mention that while I really really like her, and even let her babysit my sweet Levi…her brother runs the cupcake truck around here…so I

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  • Blog Design: Emily’s Original Art

    Hey friends! I can’t wait to share this fun new logo and blog design for Emily’s Original Art! Look how cute these paintings are! She does custom furniture for delivery in the Alabama area and custom art that can be shipped! Check it all out here.

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  • New Blog Design: La Petite Fashionista

    I hope you make some time this weekend to head over to my logo and blog design for la petite fashionista!!  I love her blog so much I found my self reading instead of designing ;) Looking for some spring fashion advice? Check her out right here!

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  • Blog Design: Simply Southern Girl

    Hey! Hope your having an awesome weekend! Are you ready for a new blog that’s browse-worthy? Check out my latest design at Simply Southern Girl!  Britain is a long-time friend and was a total dream to work with on this complete install that includes a header, nav bar, social buttons, grab button, signature, facebook logo, favicon and cutie sidebar buttons.

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  • B-handmade Etsy banner design

    Hi friends! Happy Thursday! I have been busy busy with blog designs, but just had to take a break and show you my latest Etsy header. Rachel is just the sweetest ever and has lots of cuteness for sale including fab flower wreaths and this fun painting set below. She’s having a Valentine’s Day sale too, so head over to

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  • New Logo, Blog and Print Design: Southern Soiree

    I am so excited to introduce you to my friends at Southern Soiree!  They offer fabulous wedding and party services throughout Alabama. I had the privilege of designing a logo, website and printed materials for these super stylish ladies.  If you don’t live around their parts, you can still learn some fun recipes and party tricks from their fun blog.

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  • Celia’s new blog design

    I had such fun working on this blog design for my friend Celia.  She wanted something classy, sophisticated and colorful…so her…so cute.  You check out her blog here. Or better yet go here for my fav thing, her Swedish tea ring (and her tips on it here). She has amazing recipes, and such good photos and instructions:) Here’s a better

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