DIY Silver Painted Suitcase


Hey friends! How's your week going?  It's been awhile since we did anything decorating-ish around here, but I just had to share this fun suitcase idea.  While browsing my favorite online store...anthropologie...I noticed that some of the shoes were photographed on silver suitcases, which I loved.  Since I don't photograph shoes much, I filed the idea away until I needed it...which was today.  I have two bed side tables that are so different in height they look wonky.  This totally helps. Here is my blue beauty before.  I think I got this at a yard sale several years ago. Here's the paint I used.  So far this is really easy.  Don't … [Read more...]

Anthropologie Inspired things you can make


I am so in love with this anthropologie inspired bag, and the flowers made from a sweater. Awesome.  Thank you Jill for your killer creativity! Love this Anthropologie inspired ruffly top. And it is surprisingly easy and cheap. I like it. Thanks Sarah! Ohhh!!! An Anthropologie inspired pillow.  So cute. AND it's no-sew:) Thanks Adrianna, it's perfect. … [Read more...]

Homemade Laundry Detergent


I think my sister and I are channeling Laura Ingalls these days. We totally made our own clothes soap. It was really cheap.  Under $7 and this will last forever! You can totally do this too, it's super easy. To make about 4 mason jars full you will need: 6 cups Borax 4 cups baking soda 4 cups washing soda 4 cups Fels-Naptha bar soap (almost 2 bars) ~ UPDATE: This is totally your decision, but some new studies are showing that Borax powder fumes may cause reproductive harm in men.  You may try adding more baking and washing soda instead of the Borax and see how you like the results.  Another commenter made her's into a liquid, … [Read more...]

Pipe and flange storage for your fabulous accessories!


I have an amazing day job as a retail merchandiser for a totally awesome store.  We use pipe and flange there all the time.  I make risers for tables and fun closet displays, hat stands and t-stands and all sorts of fun things.  I thought I would bring a little work home with me and pipe and flange my house.  Yes, "pipe and flange" is a verb, my house has been pipe and flanged. Does anyone else have trouble keeping accessories organized? It's like they run all over the house, and get tangled up and lost. You can totally make this.  Go to hardware store (Lowes), and decide what size you want to use (this is 1/2"). They make several … [Read more...]

Glittery Christmas mason jar


Good morning! Yes, I am still here.  My sweet Grandma passed away last week,  so I have been with family...and now I am trying to get back on track.  I would love to share some things about her later, but for now, this is a craft my mom, sister, and I did while we were together.  It's good stress relief. You will need: mason jar-any size you want burlap-on a roll like ribbon mod podge small brush greens and flowers ribbon Using a small brush and mod podge, adhere the burlap to the jar, we went around two times. Let dry overnight. Attach ribbon and add greens and flowers. You're done! … [Read more...]

Fun DIY wreath. And it has an owl:)


Can you believe this sweet wreath??!!!??!! My friend Kelli made it.  She is pretty much a craft star these days:) First you will need a wreath and strips of batting and net. Wrap the wreath securely in batting.  Then in netting. Your completed wreath should look as awesome as this one:) Choose a thick yarn to wrap your wreath.  It should be pulled tight, not letting any white peek out. Once you finish, cut colorful circles to assemble rosettes. With the help of a needle and thread, roll the circles to form petals. Keep rolling and sewing. Look at those sweeet babies. Now you can make a sweet baby owl...or other fun … [Read more...]

Fall inspiration and decoration


Sweet raffia mod podge vase at The Hand Me Down House Love the look she created. Love the acorns and mason jar.  Isn't that the sweetest tea light ever? From Three Pixie Lane Super yummy mantle decorations at Tatertots and Jello I like these hurricanes, cinnamon sticks were a good choice.  From My Blessed Life For the un-fall, fall decorations, I love these delicate frames. Simple and beautiful from Lady Pamela's Cottage. Totally easy and inexpensive wreath DIY from the Dollar Store! From HOH Hope you have a great weekend! Go make something! And don't forget to enter my sweet giveaway here. … [Read more...]

Junky Vignette


I am playing junk vignettes today with Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors. She said make it fast and don't craft anything, just throw it together. I combined lots of junk I had strewn through the house...and garage... moulding from a great thrift store metal crate thing I have had forever vintage Florida coasters that I love Ball jars I recently snagged Fresh and fake flower:) Stool I used to stand on to wash my hands at the sink... I. Am. So. Old!!! Look at that chipping paint! I am linking this up to Funky Junk:) AND don't forget my giveaway and linkup TOMORROW!!! Add your recipe and win a $55 gift card from CSN stores! … [Read more...]

{guest post}DIY headboard from fabric squares


Happy Friday!! Today I am pleased to bring you a guest post from Rebecca, a local Interior Designer.  Even though her design degree is from Florida and mine is from Florida State, we have managed to look past our differences and become great friends.  We have also been in small group together and served together in a Design4 Good project, which was awesome.  So here is her post, an awesome headboard tutorial. I love it love it love it. Thanks Rebecca! ____________________________________________________________________ About six months ago Christine asked me to do a guest post on her blog – very exciting! (Unfortunately, I have … [Read more...]

Old door display


I was browsing my favorite Anthropologie store yesterday and saw this groovy old door display art hook holder thing. I love doors anyway- but one combined with old hooks and wire?? Be still my heart. It looks like you could hang the door on the wall, then add hooks just next to it on either side, then string wire across. I love this for family photos, city photos, Christmas cards, or even kids artwork. … [Read more...]

DIY projects for your home


This mason jar project is just lovely! I also love the moment when what she thought was a COMPLETE original turned out to be a great idea that a million others had. I know how it is girl...but I totally love your project the most. From Decor Chick. I love this one too, a sweet polka dot wreath for your Christmas in July. From the Piccadilly Peddler And a fun shadow box creation from My Repurposed Life … [Read more...]

Old crate window treatment

wood crate window treatment

This window treatment is made from a whole lotta stuff I had laying around.  I liked each special piece by I am in love with them as a group. I bought this pull like 10 years ago, no seriously, and it has made 5 moves across 3 states with me.  Oh faithful pull. I have one jar in this house.  I actually don't know where it came from. Oh no that's a lie, it came from my Grandma full of her bread and butter pickles.  And the starfish is a new addition from the craft store. I found this apron on a garage sale hunt in Louisville.  It has hung in my kitchen for years as a vintage remembrance of my home state. And the … [Read more...]

Fun things to make with junk-

drawers on shelves

I mean "treasure, " it's not really junk now is it? :)  Did I tell you we decided to move? Into our car? Because we are in it more than our house.  I am thinking now of cute window treatments...pull down shades? Just kidding. But really, we have been travelling A LOT! A good lot, we have seen lots of family, and had lots of fun. Our latest stop was Indiana to see Jeremy's sister and family.  We spent a day in Chicago.  LOVE.  And as if that could be beat, we spent the next afternoon at the most magical place ever.  A 3-story treasure store.  I snapped some pictures on the sly with my phone, there were some super cute ideas.  Did I mention … [Read more...]