Brown paper bag Christmas printable


For all those awkwardly-shaped gifts that will need wrapping very soon, here is a nice brown paper bag printable. It's super easy, just download the image by clicking it below to open in a new window, then right-click and save it on your computer, set your printer paper size to 5.25" by 10.75", and load up your printer with a paper bag (feet first).  The image will print upside down so you can feed the feet through first, because feeding that frayed top through is practically impossible. And I like to print on the side without the vertical seem as shown above.  You may have to hand-feed each one while talking nicely to your printer:) I … [Read more...]

Chocolate and Lime Christmas

I saw this fabulous tree when I was out and about this weekend.  I never think to use green on Christmas trees, being that they are already green and all.  But don't you love this one? Its branches combine lush velvet sprigs and glittery balls, making it very rich.  Of course, the whole thing can be yours for approximately 1 million dollars, but I think this is a look that can be duplicated for less.  Maybe next year... … [Read more...]

Tropical Christmas Tree

Check out my friend's Christmas tree! Isn't it fun! I love the tropical, retro feel with giant lights and ornaments. So for those of you who don't have a Christmas tree, or don't have room to put one up, or don't have time...this is a perfect idea. And look at her sweet baby helping. Love love love!!! … [Read more...]

Red and White Christmas Tree

It is finished! I finally put up my Christmas tree...with a little help from my friends :) I decided to just stick to red and white this year.  I always want to have a theme, but never do, so...well, there is no better time than the present.  This is so super easy, I didn't buy any new ornaments, just red and white ribbon to wrap around the tree.  I sifted through the jewels to find only the red, white and silver and added those. Every year since we started dating, my husband and I have chosen a dove ornament for our Christmas tree.  Here is #9, a beautiful little friend I found at a thrift store in Tallahassee.  I love it. And for … [Read more...]

Free Advent Calendar

I love Mibo, they have the cutest free printable goodies. This Sunday begins Advent, the four weeks leading to Christmas. Get your calendar here, and with a few minutes of assembly, you will be fit and festive. … [Read more...]