Logo, Print & Social Designs: Posh Creations


Great Oak Circle is growing! Which is such an exciting {and sometimes overwhelming} process. I'm thankful, I know it's only by God's grace on me and my business partners. Some new and exciting things are in the works, including a more streamlined design process and shorter wait times...whew. Today I'm sharing new designs for Posh Creations, a door decor and more handmade business.  AND...it's in Kentucky, a wonderful state that I once called home. perfect. My design inspiration for this project came from a mix of favorite lime green and black, burlap textures and sassy fonts. The logo needed to be sophisticated and "posh," while … [Read more...]

Logo and Print Design: Nourish


Hi there blog friends! Here's a new logo design for Lisa from Nourish Nutrition & Diabetes. She works one on one with clients of all ages to bring health through nutrition. Check out her logo and business card above, as well as some inspiration from pinterest (sorry not to have the official source links here, yikes, thank you whomever you are, and I'm sorry I can't credit your amazing work). When creating a mood board, we find inspiration everywhere, other logos, fabric, interiors and even food.  I love to share these (even when they contain over amazing logos not created by GOC) because it illustrates our design process and client … [Read more...]

Logo, Print and Shopping Cart Design: MeiMei & Co


Adoption is such a beautiful gift. We have been adopted by Christ, and He has given me the great gift of adoption in my son. My friend Tiffany has a wonderfully similar story. Mei Mei & Co. was founded to help raise funds for the adoption of her second sweet girl from China. Mei Mei (Little Sister) offers super sweet hair accessories you are sure to love. The graphics package for Mei Mei & Co includes a custom logo design, business cards that double as price tags, packaging stickers, facebook page and a Big Cartel shop.  We mixed yummy mint green with candy blue in a striped  awning for the perfect sweet shop look. Polka dots, … [Read more...]

Logo, Print & Web: The Painted Drawer


Hey friends! Welcome to another awesome spring weekend! Anything fun on your schedule? I'm meeting friends at the Farmer's Market, and hoping to catch a few minutes on the back porch with a good book! And I'm looking forward to celebrating my mom, hubby's mom, AND being a mom. It's my 3rd mother's day with my sweet Boogie.  In business news, I'm introducing you to Suzanne from The Painted Drawer today! Check out her graphics package below... Logo, business card and art show banner shown above. Below, I did a re-fresh on her website that includes a custom header, menu bar, social icons, custom fonts and a post footer graphic. I also love … [Read more...]

Bumblebee and Sweetpea Designs


Happy New Design Friday and Black Friday! I'm so thankful for each of you readers and clients that have blessed my business this year.  I mean WOW, you have each given me the ability to support my family and spend time at home with my sweet son.  :)   Tiffany of Bumblebee and Sweatpea designs is a wonderful biz owner that I have so enjoyed getting to know this year.  I was honored to design her logo, etsy and facebook branding earlier this year.  You can see that blog post here. I'm excited to introduce a fun new business card design for her kids accessory line. It's a large 4" square design with room in the clouds for notes and pricing.   … [Read more...]

Bienvenue Designs


Hey! I've been trying for a long time to post these fabulous graphics for Bienvenue Designs! (31 Days sorta got me off track:) I just love all of them! Bienvenue means welcome...and isn't that just the best name ever for her precious wreaths! We incorporated fleur de lis elements and crowns, which complimented each other beautifully, as well as the biz name;) Check out her facebook site above, or view it here. Look at her amazing wreaths! All available in her Etsy shop here. A peek at all her graphics is  below! I especially love the business card that doubles as a price tag:)  Want a little design love for your business? I'm here to … [Read more...]

Logo & Print Design: Upsiedoodles Designs


Hooray for a new logo design...new business card design...AND banner design! Upsiedoodles is owned by Jennifer, who just happens to live close enough to meet in person. Double Hooray! Her door decor is totally a-door-able, so is she, and I'm so excited she chose me to help brand her biz! Also, I'm hilarious. a-door-able...I know...stop it. See more from Upsiedoodles on facebook and etsy! See my full design menu in the shop! … [Read more...]

WordPress Design: The Tailored Nook


It's new blog design time! Lauren from The Tailored Nook is so super cute, I had a wonderful time designing a logo, wordpress site and business card for this Texas-based organizer. Lauren's design includes a classic bee and honeycomb pattern, pared with modren type and color blocking. Need organizing tips and tricks? You must visit her blog! … [Read more...]

Blog Design: Fashion is My Day Job


  I can't wait to show you my latest blog design. It's my second for a fashion blogger. It's difficult to design for a fashionista. I feel sloppy while working on their sites in my standard sweatpants and t-shirt. But I do learn alot. Because I read your blogs...while I design them... I loved working with Ashley. She wanted a fun and girly site that was still modern and chic. I just love the color combo and the tiny pink elephant. Here's Ashley's pinterest board, a fun mix of warm colors grounded in neutrals and a bit of safari. I love her finished design! Isn't she the cutest! I also designed a logo and business card … [Read more...]

E-book designs for Altard!


Do you remember the business card design I featured a few weeks ago for Altard Designs? I am excited to show you my latest design for this fun company...EBOOKS!  Just check out their website and I PROMISE, pinky-swear promise, you will want to paint furniture just like they do! Or perhaps buy their already painted loveliness.  I designed several elements including this landing page below.  You can go there now to check out all the books:) The first ebook design is an update to their "Paint Your Furniture" book. It's full of the tools of the trade, tips and tricks you need to know to paint like a pro! I read it, I love it! I designed the … [Read more...]

Business card design for Altard


Hey friends! Hope your weekend was awesome! Mine was filled with family time, pool time and dinners on the grill. I love summer. I also love my new friends over at Altard, they are just the sweetest! I made this giant business card for them recently, isn't it fun?!? They already have a logo, which I also love.  (I love so many things today! I also love cupcakes, and the beach, and and and ) They also already have a website, which I will be doing some work on soon. Here it is... And btw, if you check out their site and like what you see, they have some fun ebooks for DIY, or locals in Texas can visit their shop and learn to paint. Or … [Read more...]

Business Card Design: Peas in a Blog


Hey friends! I have a fun site to share with you today! I had the pleasure of making new business cards for Carolina from Peas in a Blog. We chose a special rounded design with a natural paper bag texture on the front and pea green on the reverse.  I just love her blog fonts, so we used them here and added a QR code.   As you can see by the sweet images, they blog about fitness, food, places and favorite things.  Here are a few of my recent favorites from their site:) You MUST check it out for yourself here. I love the new feature on the summer collection from 31bits, a company that's supporting the rise of women from poverty in … [Read more...]