• 31 Days: Taglines are important too!

    Taglines are important too! 1.A great tagline is short, and describes the benefits of your biz, or the general things you blog about… like Target, who tells us that their superstore competition is no match in product or price. 2. A great tagline is memorable and fits seamlessly with your business name. Exactly how specific your tagline needs to be can be

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  • 31 Days: What makes a good logo?

      What makes a good logo? 1. A good logo can change color, especially to black.  Most likely you have specific colors for your logo, which is great, but a good logo doesn’t rely on color to hold together.  Think about your logo paired with others on a 5k sponsor tshirt (probably one color only), or printed in a flyer that’s only

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  • Logo, Social & Store Design: Bumblebee & Sweetpea Designs

    Hey! Hope you are waking up to a great morning!  Here are a few new designs for Bumbleebee and Sweetpea Designs! Doesn’t she have super cute hair bows and accessories for kids? I love all the extra details on her bows! Tiffany ordered a logo design, facebook cover photo and profile picture designs and 4 etsy banner designs. I just

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  • Blog Design: 16 Balls in the Air

    Hi good morning! Hope this Saturday finds you well friends! I have a new design to share at 16 Balls in the Air.  I really enjoyed collaborating with these 2 ladies for their blog that describes the hilarity of being a mom to 4 boys…EACH!!  As a mom to 1 boy, I sometimes feel overwhelmed…imagine 3 more…glory glory, I need some chocolate! I

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  • Logo & Print Design: Upsiedoodles Designs

    Hooray for a new logo design…new business card design…AND banner design! Upsiedoodles is owned by Jennifer, who just happens to live close enough to meet in person. Double Hooray! Her door decor is totally a-door-able, so is she, and I’m so excited she chose me to help brand her biz! Also, I’m hilarious. a-door-able…I know…stop it. See more from Upsiedoodles

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  • WordPress Design: The Tailored Nook

    It’s new blog design time! Lauren from The Tailored Nook is so super cute, I had a wonderful time designing a logo, wordpress site and business card for this Texas-based organizer. Lauren’s design includes a classic bee and honeycomb pattern, pared with modren type and color blocking. Need organizing tips and tricks? You must visit her blog!

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  • Help Support Go Team Ghana!

    Several years ago, I had the privilege of working on a few sets of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I met Kim there, and was instantly drawn to her passion for design and caring for people.  I have often wondered if being skilled in design is really any good to anybody.  I am surrounded by doctors and nurses, teachers and Spanish-speakers and I

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  • Free to adopt: Free design services for adoption fundraisers

    { photo updated 4/2014} Not sure if you know this or not, but about a year ago (2011) we welcomed Levi into our family.  We are privileged to be his parents, not biologically, but through adoption.  We are convinced through God’s Word that caring for orphans is not a charity case or something for those that can’t have their “own” kids, but

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  • Blog Design: Fashion is My Day Job

      I can’t wait to show you my latest blog design. It’s my second for a fashion blogger. It’s difficult to design for a fashionista. I feel sloppy while working on their sites in my standard sweatpants and t-shirt. But I do learn alot. Because I read your blogs…while I design them… I loved working with Ashley. She wanted a

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  • E-book designs for Altard!

    Do you remember the business card design I featured a few weeks ago for Altard Designs? I am excited to show you my latest design for this fun company…EBOOKS!  Just check out their website and I PROMISE, pinky-swear promise, you will want to paint furniture just like they do! Or perhaps buy their already painted loveliness.  I designed several elements including

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  • Etsy store header design: Glori Art

    Hey everyone! I have a new Etsy banner and shop to share with you for your fun Friday browsing! Brooke paints real good:) and I jumped at the chance to design something modern and colorful to match her artwork. I chose colors from some favorite pieces and incorporated them into a shop design that’s bright and fun, while maintaing a

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  • Giveaway!!! From Shabby Apple

    UPDATE: This giveaway is over! Congrats Rhonda!     Hi Friends! Hope your weekend was full of fun and relaxation! I have an exciting way to start the week! A giveaway from Shabby Apple! To say I’m in love with this company is an understatement, they have the darn near cutest dresses I’ve ever seen. Here are a few favorites,

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  • New Logo & Blog Design: Events Uncorked

    Happy new design FRIDAY!  Take a break from the heat today and browse a fun blog that’s loaded up with inspiration! Sarah is a Tallahassee-based event planner and you will totally love her eye for style. I especially love her centerpieces and party ideas. So what did she order from Great Oak Circle? So glad you asked! She created her

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  • Business card design for Altard

    Hey friends! Hope your weekend was awesome! Mine was filled with family time, pool time and dinners on the grill. I love summer. I also love my new friends over at Altard, they are just the sweetest! I made this giant business card for them recently, isn’t it fun?!? They already have a logo, which I also love.  (I love

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