• Mint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Recipe

    mmm…St Patricks Day yumminess. Or any day yumminess, I show no favoritism to chocolate. There are 3  good things about this cookie. 1. It’s loaded with icing. 2. It’s chocolate. 3. It travels well. Here’s what you need.. ~ FOR COOKIES: 6 Tablespoons butter 1-1/2 cups packed brown sugar 2 Tablespoons water (but I would recommend a bit more) 12

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  • DIY Bauble Ring

    Good Morning Friends! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start:) If not, maybe a fun project will make it better…or maybe the weekend, but I can’t give you that:) I am so digging this ring and, as always, you can totally make it yourself on the cheap. You need: Thick gauge wire— I am flexible on exactly how

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  • DIY Resin Cameo Necklace

    DIY Cameo Necklace…yes please! You will love making and wearing this funness! I actually have 100 things to say about making this project, but I will save those for the end. What you should focus on now is the brilliant finished product. I am so totally in love with it. And PS, I will be totally in style while I

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  • DIY sugar scrub from dish soap: guest post for 5 dollar dinners$

    Hey friends! Check it out, I made a new sugar scrub for $5 Dinners. Have you ever been to her site? Cool meal ideas for under $5. wow. I made this from your regular grocery store items. Love it. And a cool printable from Graphics Fairy. Check $5 Dinners for all the ingredients and a link to the printable tag.

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  • DIY Luggage Tag and the 2011 Color of the Year

    Hey friends! Hope you had a fab weekend! I made these sweet luggage tags with A Dub today. Not only that, it was sunny outside.  I know…right…crazy. We used the 2011 color of the year.  Because…let’s be honest, we must have chic and trendy luggage tags. First go get the graphic . It’s from Graphics Fairy…who I love:) Then wave

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  • Easy Microwave Fudge Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter

    To the Chocolate-Craver. The one who will literally eat semi-sweet chips out of the pantry… because it’s the only chocolate you can find. This fudge will be your best friend. This is all you need. Milk chocolate chips-whole bag Peanut butter chips-2/3 of bag- or more if you want Can of sweetened condensed milk 1 Teaspoon vanilla Mix chips and condensed milk

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