Blog Design: Running Peanut

Hey friends!  I would love to have a  post ready for some yummy food or cool craft, but to be honest I have been swamped with design projects! I’m not complaining…I’m just saying…so if you want to keep up with me day to day I’m always around on facebook, twitter and instagram, which all feed onto my blog page.

So anyway, take a look at my most recent fun blog design for Running Peanut! Victoria is so sweet, I had a great time working up this design for her!

Here’s her pinterest board, a colorful mix of turquoise, navy and yellow in a style that’s Southern, feminine and fun.  I was inspired by the graphic greek-key-like pattern in the throw, and the varied fonts and shapes shown throughout her board.

Victoria ordered a basic blog design that includes a header and background with install.

She added on a navigation bar, sidebar titles, social icons and a favicon.

I think it’s so cute, just like her.  So be sure to check her blog out here for fun stories and race inspiration.

Interested in blog design for yourself?

Check out my Blog Design Information

Happy Monday:)


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks! I LOVE my blog and you did a fantastic job!!

  2. Nice and looking good and creative logo…

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