• Investing in your raving fans

    facebook ads, google adwords, flyers, coupons, sponsorships, it’s difficult to divide your {somewhat inexistent} marketing budget isn’t it? as business owners, we hear over and over that we must be engaged on every social media network and topping every search engine results page. now hold on, let me be clear, all of these things are important. actually, i get paid

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  • showing hospitality to clients + prospects

    each christmas morning, after the presents are shared and loved, my little family loads up in our mid-sized suv and travels to our aunt and uncle’s home a few hours away. it’s the best weekend of the year. it’s warm and welcoming. full of good food and better company. my aunt’s entertaining is the stuff of dreams. there’s a cookie plate, brimming

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  • Young Living Essential Oils Make & Take Party (fda compliant)

    Hello Friends! I hosted the best little make and take party for Young Living Essential oils recently, and thought you might like to benefit from all the planning that went into it! All of this info is calculated for 12 people, so do something fun with your facebook invite and say ONLY 12 SPOTS! I’m including an amazon link to

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  • Overwhelming prospective customers

    Have you ever listened to an expert and felt completely overwhelmed with a one-two punch of “I AM LOST” and “How do I even know if this guy is speaking the truth?” When you’re an expert at something it’s easy to overwhelm others. It’s important to remember your audience! Are you speaking to a colleague or a client? I’m SO guilty

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  • #1 website game-changer…professional photography!

    Hey there friends! Friday night I had the BEST time organizing a client photo shoot. Now this is the truth, your photos will make or break your website conversion rate. Why? A lot of websites have the same basic layout, header/logo, navigation, large photo, content, and maybe a sidebar. So what sets you apart? It’s absolutely not that your colors

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  • 7 tips for surviving summer as a work from home mom

    Summer is the greatest. Pool, kids, vacation, hot weather, relaxed bed times and schedules, ice cream… But if I’m not careful, it can also become a big ball of work stress.  This is my 4th summer of being a work-from-home mom. I think I’m getting better! Here are a few things that help keep my sanity in check. 1. Continue to

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